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Travel Medicine

Don’t let sickness ruin your holiday.






Argyle Medical with Travelvax are a specialist provider of travel health advice and medical services for people travelling overseas. Whether for business or pleasure, your travels will always be more enjoyable in good health.






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As a registered Travelvax clinic we can provide you with a range of specialised pre-holiday travel health services including:

–  Provision of vaccinations including Yellow Fever
–  Preparation of documentation for carrying medication overseas
–  Personalised vaccination booklets
–  Travel health information
–  Emergency assistance numbers
–  Preventative and treatment medications
–  Travel accessories

Travel health





Costs and payment

With national buying power, we can ensure competitive prices are delivered on all vaccinations and supplies.  Part of the consultation fee can be reclaimed via Medicare* and depending on the level of health insurance, most private insurers will rebate a portion of the vaccination costs.  eligible card holders only

travel medicine

More information

For more information regarding vaccinations, preventative treatments, health warnings and recommendations visit
Travelvax.com.au or call our Travelvax Info Line on 1300 360 164

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