Looking After Your Skin

Skin cancer is one of the major causes of death in Australia.

Skin cancer is more common in Australia than anywhere else in the world.  This is largely due to our pale skins and frequent sun exposure. Skin cancers can occur anywhere on the body and can spread.

Early Detection

However, they can be cured if detected in their early stage. We recommend everyone over 40 have a regular skin check at least every year. This should be viewed as part of normal preventative health care, like having your blood pressure or cholesterol checks.

If anyone in your family has been diagnosed with melanoma, then you have a much higher risk yourself. We recommend patients with a family history of melanoma have annual checks from the age of 15, as children can (rarely) develop this dangerous form of skin cancer.


Be Proactive

If you notice a new or changing mole, or a sore that is bleeding or not healing, or an enlarging lump on the skin whatever its colour, you should have it checked.

Our Skin Clinic is equipped with the latest German made Fotofinder® mole scanner. This state of the art machine is designed to detect abnormal moles, as well as having the unique ability to detect new or changing moles in subsequent examinations.